Yellow House Love

March 30, 2016

I just love yellow houses.  There is something about them that draws me in.  They just seem friendly...if a house can evoke emotions...yellow ones would say "hi, come on in", with a smile of course.  

Cory and I are about to paint our home's exterior.  The paint is chipping and peeling in spots and frankly it is looking a bit drab.  The current color is a cool light blue/grey with darker blue shutters.  To me the house looks a little sad.  This color does not represent the character of our home nor the happiness on the inside.  

So with a little persuasion I have brought Cory over to the light side...I mean the yellow side ;).  

Choosing a yellow has become a bit more tasking then I thought.  There are so many variations of this color.  One miss step and your house could end up looking like Big Bird...not what we are going for.  

I am drawn to light buttery yellows as well as a bolder more muted yellow.  Thankfully the internet is full of beautiful, and not so beautiful, photos.  

These are a few that have caught my eye and are leading the pack for my inspiration.

This pale yellow seaside home featured in New England Home is a classic beauty.  

This beautiful Alabama yellow home was featured on The Lettered Cottage.  I just love everything about this house.  The yellow siding, white trim and beautiful light tin roof.  

This adorable cottage has such curb appeal.

I love everything about this house.  From color to the details on the porch and roof.  Click here for the source.

This house is located on the water in Virginia and is about as perfect as it gets.  This one may be leading the pack in inspiration for my own house.   Source. 

This beautiful porch house featured on Olive Out is just dripping in character.

I just love the how the window boxes here add a sense of romance and whimsy to this beautiful home.  Source 


This beautiful home is featured on Better Homes & Garden.  The color is a bit bold, but I think it works with house.  This color may be a bit too much for my better half though.

So far I have tested three different yellows.  None of them has stood out as an official winner.  I ran to the paint store this morning and purchased two more samples.  I am hoping that after comparing a total of five different yellows one will stand out as the clear choice.  Fingers crossed!  

I will post more on our journey to find the perfect yellow soon....