January 14, 2016

Nothing screams charm and home to me as much as a white picket fence.  As a child I would watch Who's The Boss and dream of living in that quintessential new England home with a beautiful white picket fence in the front yard.  I may not live in new England now, but I can still have the white picket fence. 

Cory and I installed a beautiful cedar fence when we moved into our house.  We live on somewhat of a busy street and this offered us comfort and security with the kids and dog.

We were instructed by the company that installed our fence to wait 6-8 weeks to let the wood adhere to the elements before staining. 

Once the wood was ready I went to our local Sherwin Williams and got what I thought would be all the supplies I would need.  

I look back at this small list now and laugh. I was wrong.  Oh so very wrong.  Two gallons of stain later and I had covered 1/10 of my fence, wasted two days and gave myself major back pain.  So...after regrouping Cory and I decided to tackle this monster a different way. 

We bought a paint sprayer, the Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer, went back to Sherwin Williams and bought the 5 gallon bucket (times 3!) and got to work. 

This round our supplies included:

  • The paint sprayer
  • Our 5 gallon bucket of stain
  • lots of drop cloths
  • a small roller
How we went about staining:
  1. We started by covering the ground in the area we were working in with drop cloths.  This was to help keep the paint off of the grass and driveway. 
    *side note - our fence was new so we did not need to power wash or scrape old paint off of it.  If your fence is old you will need to make sure that your boards are clean and dry.*
  2. We then primed the sprayer (according to the directions that came with it) and placed it on top of our 5 gallon bucket. 
  3. Next we sprayed our fence section by section.
  4. After spraying each section we went over it with a small roller to make sure the paint really got into the wood and to ensure an even coverage. 
  5. Two coats on the whole fence and we were done!
This project took about four times as long as I thought it would ( I only painted during nap times, which allowed me about 1-2 hours a day on a very large fence), but in the end it was worth it.  We get so many compliments on our fence.  It has added character and charm to our historic home.  Not to mention it looks fantastic!