January 17, 2017

My favorite thing to do is change a room.  Whether it is painting, rearranging furniture, decorating, de-cluttering or all of the above....I am a motivated and happy camper when I can get my hands on a room.  And I have been known to change a room's appearance more than once and in short procession. 

Our front sitting room used to be our family room.  Now that we have a new family room (ready about that here) our front sitting room is going back to a sitting slash office room.  So with a new purpose, I figure it needs a new look.  And with that, I am going to paint the fireplace and the walls and redecorate...but this post is about the fireplace.  

The fireplace is currently white painted brick ( painted before we moved in by the previous owners).  I am wanting a little more character in this room and the fireplace is the focal point, so it goes without saying that I need to update/change/paint it :).  

Before I venture into any new project I always look for inspiration.  Inspiration comes in heaps and bounds on Pinterest.  So there I went and there I looked.  Here are the fireplaces that inspired me.  Stay tuned for my final project later this week!

The White Buffalo Styling Co. 

Design Chic

linenandbasil Instagram

One Kings Lane

Little House of Four

Shanty2Chic Instagram

The Neotrad