August 15, 2016

Our Gallery Wall is complete!  I am so thrilled to share this project with you all.  It has been a long time in the works...well mentally, the actual execution only took an afternoon.  

Before I started this project I scoured Pinterest.  Found every gallery wall on a staircase I could find.  I pinned.  I admired.  I then started a different project.  And then FINALLY I focused enough to get started on our very own gallery wall.  

Once I had a few pictures for inspiration (you can read about my inspiration walls here) I began to make my list of materials I still needed.  I already had a pretty good collection of frames from years past but I needed a few non picture items to break up the space and add interest.  Once I found these, mostly from Michael's Craft Store, Target and Bleu Spruce (of course!) I got started with the layout.  

I laid out all my frames and non picture items on the floor in front of my wall.  I then placed them in an arrangement that I thought would work up on the wall.  I later discovered that this was just a rough idea as I changed almost everything as it began to go up.  But at least it was a starting place.  

I then took some painters tape and taped a bottom guide line to follow.  I wasn't planning on measuring my spacing between items (that sounded like too much work) but I did want to have a general guideline as my items climbed the stairs that looked cohesive.  

Once I had my guideline in place I started with what I call my anchor pictures. Two frames on either end of my wall that were large in size and that I could build off of.  As I said before, I didn't measure anything out.  I went with my gut and just started placing items on the wall as I went based on what I liked and what I thought looked good.  I may have said a little prayer before each nail went in the wall, but there is no harm in that :).  

I discovered as I went along that items I thought would fit or go in one area looked better in another, so I just switched.  I tried not to let this be a stressful project, but an enjoyable one.  One that would add character to my home and  help tell my families story. 

I am so excited with the way it turned out.  I can see this wall from the living room couch.  I don't know what I look at more while in the living room, the TV or the gallery may be a toss up.