January 11, 2017

From the very beginning, the very first day of move in, we had a plan...a plan to take down a wall.  

Our house is a traditional foursquare.  Meaning the first floor is basically 4 square rooms.  A sitting room, kitchen, dining room and family room.  Our family room was an addition put on by the previous owners in the 80's.  We love our house...but we did not love the family room.  It was long and narrow due to a small powder room and pantry. The room did not function for our family.  Our couch did not fit.  Our TV did not fit.  Our family did not fit.  

So after two years of debating when and how to take down a wall, take out the bathroom, take out the pantry, have the large living space we have always craved and envied...it happened.  After Christmas Cory and my step dad Mike took out the wall. Bye old bathroom!  Bye overcrowded pantry!  Hello large family room!   

Now I am a bad blogger....meaning I do not have great before pictures of our family room.  Sorry!  Here is a pic on a day I received a bunch of inventory :)...just ignore the boxes and look at the room... and the wall jetting out consuming our family room.

 And here is the after.....

Notice the door in the wall???? You never know what you are going to find in an old house when you take down a wall!  We told the kids this was a magic door that led to a magic land....in reality it is a door that leads to the stair landing in the basement ;). Besides the door we also found some beautiful wood filled with character and history.  Or as my muse Joanna Gaines would say...we found "gold"!  This is the old exterior wood of the house before the addition was put on.

We loved this wood and wanted to showcase it and the character of the house.  So we have decided to keep a portion of the wall wood and drywall the rest.  We had to replace a few of the bottom boards because they were cut by the plumber to remove the plumbing from the old bathroom.

So here we are now.  A beautiful large family room.  Not yet decorated.  But we are enjoying it all the same.  I will post a "finished" photo once I get all my decor and furniture put into place.  

Next project...adding a first floor powder room off the back of the house so guests do not have to share a bathroom with our children....and fixing our floors :)